Agency or Independent Adoption

Adoption Agency Law Brinkley Law Firm


Agency adoptions involve the domestic placement of a child with adoptive parents by a public agency, or by a private agency licensed or regulated by the state. Public agencies generally place children who have become wards of the state for reasons such as orphanage, abandonment, or abuse. Private agencies are sometimes run by charities or social service organizations. Children placed through private agencies are usually brought to the agency by a parent or parents who have or are expecting a child for which they want to develop an adoption plan.  Agencies are helpful in that they provide social resources to birth mothers and adoptive parents and facilitate the process.

Independent Adoption Law Brinkley Law Firm


In a private, or independent, adoption, no agency is involved in the adoption. Some independent adoptions involve a direct arrangement between the birth parents and the adoptive parents, while others use an intermediary such as an attorney, doctor, or clergyperson. But for most independent adoptions, whether or not an intermediary is used, an attorney will be needed to take care of the court paperwork.

South Carolina regulates adoptions quite carefully.  Brinkley Law Firm can assist with navigating independent adoption law and provide support for adoptions involving different state jurisdictions. An “open adoption” is an independent adoption in which the adoptive parents and birth parents have contact during the pregnancy and the new parents agree to maintain some degree of contact with the birth parents after the adoption, through letters, photos, or in-person visits.

If you are considering building or growing your family through agency or independent adoption, contact attorneys Stephanie M. Brinkley or Maggie M. Ramsey to discuss legal aspects relevant to your choices.