Adoption Law

Aspiring parents may also choose to build a family through traditional adoption, opening their home and hearts to a child in need. Brinkley Law Firm is prepared to assist future and existing parents who wish to grow or expand their families via private adoptions, agency adoptions, interstate adoptions, and step-parent adoptions. Our firm will also handle both contested and uncontested adoption matters. Additionally, we assist with domesticating international adoptions for South Carolina residents.

There are many different ways to bring a child into your life, or establish your legal relationship with one, through adoption. At Brinkley Law Firm we can assist clients with adoption legal services including but not limited to:

  • Readoptions (Domesticating Foreign Decrees)
  • Domestic Adoptions
  • Birth Parent Representation
  • Adoption Disruptions
  • Second Parent Adoptions/Stepparent Adoptions

We closely evaluate each case, advising clients on any potential issues in the adoption, and preparing the required documents to advance the adoption process within the family court. We also provide outreach and other resources that may be available to the adoptive parent(s).

If you are considering building or growing your family through adoption, contact adoption lawyers Stephanie M. Brinkley or Maggie M. Ramsey to discuss legal aspects relevant to your choices.


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