Client Testimonials

“When we first started to think of having a family, we had no idea that a lawyer would play a key part. But when we couldn’t conceive naturally, we had to examine other options. We are based in Ireland where surrogacy is not legal, so we had to expand our horizons. The USA was our preferred destination for many reasons, but mainly because of the way the Surrogate Mother would be treated/respected. We were put in contact with Ms. Brinkley and she fully explained the legal aspects and managed the process very well for us, keeping us well-informed at each stage. She even offered to drive 300 miles to sort out our son’s Birth Certificate! As international clients, time is precious and I would highly recommend Stephanie Brinkley—her experience in this area makes her invaluable to any Surrogacy, and especially so for International Intending Parents.”

“We have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Brinkley on more than one occasion. When we first entered the world of surrogacy, we did not know which end was up. It was all so confusing. Stephanie sat down with us and expertly explained the process here in SC and what to expect as we progressed. She was available and responsive, even answering trivial questions on the weekend. Throughout the entire journey, we literally didn’t have to worry about a single thing. From paperwork to hearings, Stephanie kept us in the loop and was timely and efficient with all that had to be done. It was seamless. When it came time to retain counsel for a second journey, once again trusting Stephanie Brinkley with our legal interests was a given.”

Throughout the entire journey, we literally didn’t have to worry about a single thing.

“The surrogacy process can be a challenging one—there are many people and steps involved. After much research at home, our first meeting was with an attorney. Stephanie Brinkley of the Brinkley Law Firm came highly recommended by our fertility clinic. Leaving our first meeting with her we knew this would not only be a business relationship, it would also be very personal. A lot of time, money, and emotions are dedicated to this journey, so it was reassuring to know we were working with someone as invested in the process as we were.

Our carrier/intended parent relationship was one that progressed without an agency. Stephanie handled the legal (intended parent portion) and financial aspects of our agreement in the most professional manner. We were more than pleased with her ability to act as our “agent” and keep things running smoothly throughout the entire process. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of practice, and was/is always educated and up to date in the advanced reproductive technology arena, attending as many conferences as her schedule allows. She is an advocate for both intended parents and gestational carriers alike.

Stephanie’s responses to all questions/concerns we had during the process were timely and resolved efficiently. She is one of few attorneys in her area of practice, and we truly believe one of the best. Stephanie is passionate about her work, and her affable personality is crucial to the success of a surrogacy agreement. If this ends up being something we do again, we would work with Stephanie whether we still live in South Carolina or across the country. She will forever be a major contributor to the success of our growing family.”

…It was reassuring to know we were working with someone as invested in the process as we were.

“My ex-husband and I are friendly and co-parent extremely well thanks to the professionals at the Brinkley Law Firm. Throughout the year-long dissolution of my marriage, Ms. Ramsey had no qualms about letting me know her primary concern—a healthy environment and outcome for my daughter. Her honest disposition forced me to handle the end of my marriage with dignity and maturity. Both Ms. Ramsey and Ms. Brinkley acted as team members, and at no point did they treat my case like a war. Their professionalism assisted my ex-husband and I in settling our differences amicably, which allowed us to focus on the health and well-being of our daughter. I can’t express enough how pleased I am with the way Ms. Ramsey and Ms. Brinkley of the Brinkley Law Firm handled my marital transition.”

“… [Ms. Brinkley’s] vast knowledge of family law; her wisdom and kindness in dealing with different, difficult and hurt personalities; her time, research and true passion eased my worries and made me believe in my case. The outcome was favorable to me and my children. I could not be more thankful to Ms. Brinkley or more elated with her representation.”

“Ms. Brinkley helped me navigate a very complicated separation, divorce, and custody dispute. Ms. Brinkley provided empathic yet firm guidance. There were times when her answers were not what I wanted to hear; however, consistently favorable outcomes at hearings evinced wisdom in her counsel. Beyond achieving immediate aims in the courtroom, she helped me keep focus on long-term goals for my son and myself, as well as prospects for peaceful relations with my ex.”