bio-JLAJodie Almeida is dedicated to protecting and advocating for the best interest of children through her dual roles at Brinkley Law Firm. As a lay Guardian ad Litem, Mrs. Almeida provides the court with a factual understanding of the child’s life and relationship with primary caretakers. Additionally, as a Law Clerk, she assists in legal matters that impact family dynamics. For Mrs. Almeida, protecting the family unit, especially children, is key to shaping our society’s future.

Mrs. Almeida is a fourth generation Charlestonian who values family tradition. She graduated from Winthrop University, thesame college that her grandmother attended, with a Bachelor of Arts. After college, while working as a paralegal, Mrs. Almeida’s longing to empower and assist people to resolve disputes strengthened. She earned her Mediation Certification and volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem for Charleston County. Motivated to enhance her skill set, Mrs. Almeida completed a Juris Doctorate and obtained a Dispute Resolution Certificate at Willamette University College of Law. While at Willamette, she earned the “Pro Bono Student of the Year” Award, was active in the Public Interest Law Program, and served as Vice Justice for Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity.

While Mrs. Almeida appreciates assisting and empowering people in resolving disputes, she recognizes a strong desire to focus on families. Moving back to Charleston, Mrs. Almeida focused on families by joining the primary education system as an educator. Teaching confirmed her deep value for being truly present with a child, recognizing that child’s uniqueness, and assisting the child’s growth. She learned how to better create rapport with children and to recognize factors critical for development of responsible, intelligent and moral children. Mrs. Almeida has chosen to care for children as her profession.

Mrs. Almeida joined Brinkley Law Firm in May of 2012, recognizing that the firm motto of “Keeping Families First” is a true value at the firm. The sum of Mrs. Almeida’s legal education, teaching experience and dedication to protecting children’s best interest ensures that clients of Brinkley Law Firm, LLC will receive thorough, well-considered, competent and dedicated service.